For decades, the name FUJI Sports has been synonymous with martial arts. Built on our mission statement that stresses passion, a commitment to quality, and an uncompromising approach to innovation, FUJI is an industry leader in the world of combat sports. We have always sought to bring the highest quality products to the combat athlete, whether he or she is one of our homegrown superstars like Kayla Harrison (2X Olympic Gold Medalist), Travis Stevens (Olympic Silver Medalist and BJJ Black Belt), Jimmy Pedro (2X Olympic Medalist and World Champion) or anyone who commits themselves to learning a martial art.

This approach has led us to the creation of this site, FUJIFit, an online platform designed to highlight and share the training routines and techniques of some of the top combat sports athletes in the world. We wanted to answer the two regularly asked questions:

How do they train?

How can the martial arts enthusiast implement these programs into their everyday training?

FUJI Fit is preparing you to perform Marital Movement. Giving you everything that you need outside your sport specific coaching whether it’s strength, mobility, stability, or conditioning.

Def. Martial Movement

“Discipline comes before every other attribute.” Having the ability to practice something with progressive movement quality. Bringing silence within allowing the body & mind to show up and perform repetition with controlled aggression.

True to our mission statement, we’ve designed and chosen a new line of industry-leading performance products that can be used at the academy, dojo, studio, outdoors, and at home. These are the very same products used by the top combat sports athletes. FUJI engineering and industry experience allow us to bring these items to market at affordable prices without compromising on quality.

Explore our site which was designed for one purpose, to allow you to Train Like the PROs!